Monday, March 09, 2009

Fake Nick Cave on Twitter

Let's be brutally honest. Twitter is mostly pointless nonsense, but it is occasionally throwing up glints of comedic wit. Here's a few from the supposed tweeting of Nick Cave:

"Hoping to premiere my new lingerie line, Get Ready For Love, at my half-birthday party later this month. Sending out invitations."

"At the shoot for the Meow Mix commercial. If I hear the director say 'release the cats!' one more time and wink at me meaningfully, I'll cry"

"Just realized Ed Kuepper is not Chris Bailey. What have I done?"

"Testing March menu at Murder Salads. "Plain Cold Herring"? Disconcerted"

"Getting ready for my first acupuncture appointment. I need to be rid of Mick's hurtful energy."

Gems like these here.

More banal stuff form the Barman here.

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