Sunday, February 10, 2008

Died Pretty return a triumph

Died Pretty reformed for the first of a handful of shows on Friday night, running through "Doughboy Hollow" from go to whoa and then giving us a mini-greatest songs sent as the encore. It was part of the Don't Look Back festival where a band reprises one of their great works. Do not miss these shows. This will not be repeated.

There's a review at the I-94 Bar but here's an old clip from French TV with almost the same line-up.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Next Best Thing to a Holiday In Cambodia... punk rock in Malaysia.

Stumbled across a blog called Ricecooker from Kuala Lumpur this week. It's apparently the online presence for punk/garage/DIY music in that part of the world and run by local shopkeer-cum-gig-promoters.

They're Monty Python fans and even highlighted our recent post about Craig Petty's previously unseen Stoogepix.

Their slogan:"Never eat uncooked rice; and yes, corporate rock still sucks!"

Why don't you Peking Duck over there and try it?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sonic Yoof and some amusing takes

Have to admit being a bit of a fan of Mark Prindle's record reviews. Who?, you say. Prindle's a New Yorker with a Gonzoid take on music that's hit or miss but never boring.

If you're looking forward to Sonic Youth's impending February visit to Australia (reprising "Daydream Nation" with the Scientists playing "Blood Red River" and a few other tunes on the undercard) you'll find Prindle's reviews of their back catalogue illuminating or infuriating. Some of the comments from readers are priceless too.

Sonic Youth in Australia and New Zealand
Saturday 16th February: Auckland - Bruce Mason Centre † sold out †
(Co-presented by, 95bFM and Cheese on Toast)
Monday 18th February: Sydney - Enmore Theatre † sold out †
Tuesday 19th February: Sydney - Enmore Theatre *
Wednesday 20th February: Melbourne - The Metro † sold out †
Thursday 21st February: Melbourne - The Metro *
Friday 22nd February: Adelaide - Fowlers Live Courtyard *
Saturday 23rd February: Perth International Arts Festival † sold out †