Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Stooges book

I'm just re-reading Paul Trynka's magnificent Ig tome "OPen Up And Bleed" right now with its often forensic examination of the terminal-stage Stooges' death throes tour laying it out in all its stark and harrowing glory, but you can never get too much Stooges.

Photographer Roberet Matheu has authored this newie and knows the principals well so you know it's going to be worthy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Max Raabe. WTF?

It's possibly poor form for an ungrateful ezine to complain about promos but even poorer form for a publicist not to know their market. So, after a string of tenors of various group denominations, priests and faux swing band CDs and DVDs landing in the I-94 Bar post office box, should I "out" the PR person who sent this abomination?

Reggae version of "Trash"? Oh dear...

The new Two York Dolls album "Cause I Sez So" contains a cover of "Trash" with "gently strummed guitars and a reggae beat"? Too Much Information Too Soon for mine. The preview track I heard somewhere sounded very metal too. The signs are not good (echoes of "The Weirdness" by the Stooges) but the jury is still out. Portents of things to come here.

New(ish) I-94 Bar Podcast

Ah, we forgot. Episode 21 went up last week. Subscribe via links on the right or go here and this is the playlist:

Jesus Invented Beer -The Bible Beaters (Drink. Fight. Fuck. Volume III)

Lex In B - The Pink Fits (De Ja Blues)

Doin' Time - The Candy Snatchers (Drink. Fight. Fuck. Volume III)

Stickin' Around - The Soul Movers (unreleased 7")

Bruna - Simon Chainsaw (Alpha Negra)

Memory Layne - The Dolly Rocker Movement (Our Days Mind The Tyme)

Underdog - The Movements (The World The Flesh And The Devil)

Revolution Blues - Blood Group (Revolution Blues EP)

Strange Kind Of Love - Molten Universe (No Love Around EP)

Rock-N-Roll Victim - Death (For the Whole World to See EP)

Hold On Together - Dollhouse (Rock and Roll Revival)

Tell Me Why - Tony Worsley (Before Birdmen Flew)

Primitive Tales - The Kits (Primitive Tales)

I'm A Lover Not A Fighter - The Downliners Sect (International Stomp-O-Lation)

Know Your Product - The Saints (Pig City - Live In Brisbane 2007)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Pink Fits: "I'm on the Red"

Filmed at Off the Hip Records in Melbourne. The Baty brothers as movie stars!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Perils of Drugs

Props to Judy Jetson from Brisbane for this one:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kick Out the Podcast Jams, Chickenpluckers

A Podcast about chicken. C'mon, give some points for originality!

Get it in iTunes, download it from the link or listen to it by clicking on the player on the I-94 Bar. There should be a player on this here blog, if you look down the right-hand side.

Here's the playlist:

Super Chicken (Toon Tunes: 50 Favorite Classic Cartoon Songs)

Cockblocked - The Jack Saints (Rock and Roll Saved Our Lives...But Now It's Trying to Kill Us!)

Chicken Scratch - The Raunch Hands (Learn To Whap-A-Dang)

The Greasy Chicken - Andre Williams (Movin' On - Greasy And Explicit Soul Movers 1956-1970)

Run Chicken- The Milkshakes (Rockabilly Psychosis and the Garage Disease)

Flight Of The Shit Bird - Six Ft Hick (Canetrash)

Thunder Chicken -The Mighty Imperials (Thunder Chicken)

Chicken Of The Sea - The Raunch Hands (Learn To Whap-A-Dang)

Chicken Head- Whiskey Daredevils (The Essential Whiskey Daredevils)

Chicken - Spark Plugs (Born Bad - Volume 4)

Kicks & Chicks - The Zipps (single)

Finger Lickin_ Chicken - Radors (single)

Chicken Thighs - Andre Williams (Movin' On - Greasy And Explicit Soul Movers 1956-1970)

Chicken Hawk -The Pink Fits (Fuzzyard Gravebox)

Barnyard Blues - 13th Floor Elevators (Bull Of The Woods)

Secret Track

Sable Starr R.I.P.

News is in from The Next Big Thing blog that self-declared uber-groupie and onetime squeeze of Johnny Thunders, is dead at 51. She's pictured with JT and a wobbly-booted Iggy Pop.

UPDATE: Here's the post at The Houndblog that Lindsay Hutton of Next Big Thing mentions in comments.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jet Shredded

Most will say this is well-deserved:

A tip of the to hat to Rodney Todd of Sydney for the heads-up.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Forking good review

Crawdaddy reckons Neil Young's newie "Fork In The Road" is his best since "Living With War". THe fact is that "War" was terribly over-bloated (I preferred the limited edition set of unadorned demo's) but this review makes it sound like he's back on the money.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Woggles in Huffington Post

The Woggles from Atlanta, Georgia, are one of the premier garage/50s-influenced bands in the world. So what's the Huffington Post doing with an interview with vocalist The Professor Mighty Manfred?

I don't read the Huffington Post. Have I been missing something? Is this usual? More importantly, is that suntanned, stylistic whore Tom Jones really covering Johnny Thunders songs?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Seymour Stein's daughter has made a movie

“Burning Down the House: The Story of CBGB,” directed by 34-year-old Mandy Stein, follows of the history of the club that launched the careers of Blondie, The Ramones, Talking Heads, Television, and Patti Smith....

“I remember being there, and being really young, and Johnny Ramone was scolding my Mom and saying, ‘What the fuck did you bring your kid to?’” says Stein, recalling her early memories at the gritty venue. “There is so much flavor in the East Village; but when I was a younger, it was scary. There was a sense that you had to be aware and watch where you were going,” she says.

Yes, I have a CBGB obsession. So should you. More here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New Order

No, not that New Order but the L.A. band Ron Asheton put together with Dennis Thompson and Jimmy Recca, post-Stooges and MC5. Machine Gun Thompson tells the whole story on his blog.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Preview of "Gloria" LP by the New Christs

Three tracks from the forthcoming long-player "Gloria" on Impedance are up at the band's MySpace. It's coming out on vynil and CD in Europe (May), Australia (June) and the USA (July).

Hydromatics on DVD

Sounds like the project is progressing well, according to Tony Slug's blog. It couldn't be in better hands than Joe Chonto, a NY cable TV music program host.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What I missed in Sydney last night

Marky Ramone wigging out with his cover band. To be brutal, I was ambivalent. His last spoken word tour (followed by a set with the Spazzys as backing band) was so-so.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Mother Hen

Simpson the cat is ailing, advanced in years. Ron Asheton breaks off from his stories of heroin, macrobiotic rice and aluminium afros to attend to him gently, pouring a saucer of milk and checking on his medication. This is the man who similarly ministered to his fellow Stooges, cooking for them in the house in which we sit, working in the Pigments Of The Imagination head-shop to subsidise their meagre earnings, removing lit cigarettes when they’d nodded out. These days – 1995 – he simply ministers to their legend.

More of Paul Trynka's eloquent tribute here on his blog.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Not much more can be said about this

The last five minutes of a particularly unhinged version of "Surfing Bird" by the Cramps:

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Remembering New York's punk past

Nostalgia often sucks but so what? I wanna go on one of these walking tours of Manhattan's punk rock hot spots. This review in the London Daily Telegraph probably doesn't do them justice.

The photo is the women's toilet at CBGB, by the way. I have pix of me in the men's shitter but they don;t look as artily good as this one. More NYC photos hereand photographer Joseph O. Holmes blogs here.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Facebook Fun With The Clash

You know what I hate? Those shonky Facebook quizzes that ask silly questions to establish what punk rock figurehead you are. Ex-Clash member Mick Jones apparently took one:

Onetime Clash guitarist Mick Jones is publicly expressing doubts about the accuracy of the Facebook Quiz application after the results of the "Which Punk Rock Star Are You?" quiz revealed he is Joe Strummer.

You can ready all about it - and Paul Simonon's witty riposte - here. And as he's a Pommy, Simonon really should know that the Queen's English has the term as "arsewipe".

So can anyone tell me if the Shea Stadium live album is any good?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Switching the TV back on? Naaaahhh

Has Richard Lloyd re-joined Television and will their new album will be out on Matador Records on May 12? Of course there was no mention of this on Lloyd's website or that of the label - and the news was posted on a mailing list on April 1.

Surely the revelation that Green Day are producing a musical is from the same batch of jokes? Not when the dateline is March 31.

Stoogesongs will rise

There will be more contemporary Stoogemusic released and from what Iggy told a French press conference, it will be more primal and raw. There are five unreleased tracks, two of which Ig has worked on.

Presumably there are songs demo'd for "The Weirdness" but never committed to tape in the recording sessions proper. This gels with other information that I've heard around the Bar and has nothing to do with the soon-to-surface early '70s live stuff slated for two labels.

The rest of Iggy's press conference (to plug his forthcoming jazz/jizz album "The Preliminaries") is here (thanks Cathy) in which he leaves himself open to doing a string of Vegas dates and gives the forthcoming biopic of his life the big thumbs down. You can watch a video news release about Pop's new album here.