Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New I-94 Bar Podcast up

Here's the Xmas Podcast from the I-94 Bar. Go here to subscribe via any numbers of ways, or listen using this embedded player:

Oh and here's the playlist:


Pump Action - The Butcher Shop (The Butcher Shop - Bang! Records)

Cool Ways - Kevin K and the Hollywood Brats (Cool Ways - Rankoutsider Records)

The Expert On Everything - The Mess Makers (Wipe Your Face - Off The Hip)

No Love Remains - Mink Jaguar (…Again - Stop Records)

Christmas Eve - Deniz Tek (Equinox - Citadel Records)

Stupid Planet - Klondike’s North 40 (The Straight Path - I-94 Bar Records)

Streets of Amsterdam - The Hydromatics (The Earth Is Shaking - Suburban Records)

Looking For The Body - Roy Loney and The Longshots (Shake It Or Leave It - Career Records)

Live Girls - Six Ft Hick (On The Rocks - Spooky Records)

15 Hours (demo) - The Hitmen (It Is What It Is deluxe re-issue - Savage Beat/Shock records)

I Want My Woman - The Busymen (Distort All Levels - Turkeyneck Records)

Journey By Sledge - The Visitors (Visitation - Citadel Records)

Outro - Kevin Bloody Wilson