Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Death of a download site

If you can't get your music illegally (technically speaking), get angry. This guy has some valid things to say about the need for a new music industry model.

Friday, October 26, 2007

How do you spell Wanker?

My Basque Country mate Juan of Bang Records spotted this. One for the guitar wankery fans and I can't see them getting a start on Juan's label:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do Some More Pop

More news from the Shock Records camp (the desk of Dave Laing, actually) and you know you're going to need this:

Acclaimed collection of '70s/80s Australian Punk & Garage Rock to return in new 3-part series, while classic '81 & '82 albums from the great post-Radio Birdman/pre-Hoodoo Gurus band get the deluxe treatment.

2002's acclaimed collection 'Do The Pop! The Australian Garage Rock Sound 1976-67' returns in October on Savage Beat! Records though Shock under the name 'DO THE POP! REDUX'. Like the original collection - which received substantial acclaim internationally, including a full page feature review in 'Mojo' and a rave review from David Fricke in American Rolling Stone - the new set differentiates itself from other Australian punk and post-punk collections by following the unique high energy rock'n'roll sound that spewed forth here in the late '70s and '80s, following the lead of Radio Birdman and The Saints. The new project will be spread over 3 new double discs each released two/three months apart, and is set to feature over 150 tracks, none of which appeared on the original set in 2002 .

'DO THE POP! REDUX Part One' will kick off with the first ever CD release of a rare track from Deniz Tek's pre-Radio Birdman outfit TV JONES before showcasing THE SAINTS and BIRDMAN themselves (Birdman are profiled with the album's title track as well as a rare live track from one of their legendary Paddington Town Hall shows). Punk era acolytes including THE PSYCHO SURGEONS, THE SURVIVORS, THE VICTIMS, JOHNNY DOLE & THE SCABS and RAZAR follow, as do X, perhaps the only Australian band of the original punk era whose reputation rivals that of Birdman and the Saints in some quarters.

Part One then proceeds to revel in the rock'n'roll spirit that took hold in Australia at the turn of the decade, at the very time the rest of post-punk world was proclaiming rock dead. THE SCIENTISTS, THE FUN THINGS, THE SUNNYBOYS, THE LIPSTICK KILLERS are amongst the bands of this period, as are Birdman offshoots including THE HITMEN, THE VISITORS and NEW RACE. Rare tracks from Brisbane's THE 31st (fronted by Ron Peno) and Perth's ROCKETS will also be featured. Melbourne fans will be happy to note that their hometown, which wasn't represented on the original set because of its narrower focus, is represented by a number of punk era bands, including BABEEZ, THE CHOSEN FEW and even the legendary REALS, featuring Garry Gray, Chris Walsh and Ollie Olsen, recordings of whom have never previously seen the light of day.

Volumes 2 & 3 will follow, covering the multi-faceted garage rock scene of the 80s as it explodes out of Sydney and takes hold around the country, and ultimately around the world. Expect killer tracks from a range of bands big and small - from THE HOODOO GURUS, GAS BABIES and WET TAXIS to THE JOHNNYS, CELIBATE RIFLES and SPIKES -all of whom drew heavily on the influence of 60's and 70's garage and punk rock.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hitmen re-issues out next week

November 2 is the street date. Shock have done a stunning job with re-issues of the first two albums ("The Hitmen" and "It Is What It Is") with more bonuses that a doomed Aussie telco with a dozen directors on the gravy train. Here's a little something to whet your appetitte.
Don't forget - the Hitmen are touring Australia in December and there'be be a preview live at the I-94 Bar as early as next week.

Can't say too much but...

The Don't Look Back offshoot of the All Tomorrows Parties festivals is landing in Australia. This is the series where a notable band reprises one of its best-loved albums from go to whoa. Local promoter Feel Presents has opened the Aussie franchise. Read more here and bookmark it as the announcements aren't far off.

Since 2005 Don't Look Back internaitonally has included The Stooges (Funhouse), Sonic Youth (Daydream Nation), Belle & Sebastian (If You're Feeling Sinister), John Martyn (Solid Air), Ennio Morricone (Classic soundtracks), Slint (Spiderland) and even Australia's own Dirty Three (Ocean Songs).

Can't say too much but let's say people will be pleasantly surprised by some of the acts treading stages again early in 2008.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Eastern Dark live 1985

A missive juts lobbed from ex-The Eastern Dark bass-player Bill Gibson who put this up on YouTube, less than half an hour ago:

The only known live footage of The Eastern Dark, at the Caringbah Inn in Sydney on November 2nd, 1985, performing their single Julie Is A Junkie. Thanks to Gerard Saliba for the footage.

RIP James Darroch 1960-1986.

Enjoy it. I did - that night and again now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Inner Head Flight Royale (it's a podcast)

Get a load of the Inner Flight Head Royale podcast for some righteous Rock Action goodness. They run the gamut of all sorts of cool '60s sounds and the current one focuses on the Motor City. Download or strema it here.

The Playlist (and there's plenty more when this came from):

THE SOUTHBOUND FREEWAY - Psychedelic Used Car Lot Blues
THE THYME - Somehow
THE BLUES COMPANY - Experiment in Color
THE ORANGE WEDGE - From the Womb to the Tomb
RARE EARTH - Magic Key
THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM - Tales of Lucy Blue
SRC - Daystar
ORMANDY - Good Day
THE MC5 - Kick Out the Jams
THE UP - Come On
MAGIC - Keep On Movin' On
POWER OF ZEUS - The Sorcerer of Isis

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nomads DVD on the way

Big news. Munster Records (in Spain) are releasing a DVD about The Nomads, a still sporadically-functioning band that was a reference point for anyone north of the equator who was playing so-caleld garage rock in the '80s.

So great was their influence that their records also made it down to Australia and everyone from the MC5's Wayne Kramer to Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra has paid tribute. Here's a preview and the sage words in brogue come from Lindsay Hutton, esteemed ex-editor the the Next Big Thing zine and keeper of the blog by the same name:

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Monday, October 08, 2007

The legendary Monks make it to the movies

Apparently, a rarely-seen German documentary about original beat-punks The Monks is making it to theatrical release in Europe.

If you don't know The Monks, do yourself a favour and track them down. A bunch of G.I.s serving in Germany in the '60s, they learned to play while in the military, got de-mobbed and signed to a local record company. To stand out from the crowd, they wore habits and shaved their heads, Friar Tuck-style. And played bizarre, over-amped beat music - with banjo as a lead instrument.

Here's the German theatrical trailer. Here's hoping the doco gets wider release or makes it to DVD.