Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vale Lobby (2)

The official word:

"A public service to celebrate the life and career of Lobby Loyde will be held at Lauriston Girls School, 38 Huntingtower Road, Armadale (Melbourne) on Sat (28 April, 2007) commencing at 1pm. A private cremation will follow. In lieu of flowers, donations to Support Act would be appreciated."

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vale Lobby Loyde

The passing of Lobby Loyde should not pass without mention.

For those not aware (and the media mentions have been low-key by comparison to some of his contemporaries), Australian guitar innovator Lobby Loyde died on Saturday night, aged 65. He had been fighting lung cancer.

Lobby was the quintessential outlaw who made his mark as leader of the (ultimately infamous) Coloured Balls, a searing and often innovative guitar band that influenced a long string of bands following in their wake. The obvious (Rose Tattoo, Billy Thorpe) and less so (Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain) owe Lobby a debt. Julian Cope and Steven Malkmus (Pavement) are among Lobby’s fans. The guy also went on to manage and/or produce acts like the Sunnyboys, X, Painters & Dockers and Sardine v.

The last few years have been something of a Lobby revival, with almost all of his prodigious output re-issued in generously re-mastered form by Aztec Music. It runs the whole gamut - from searing boogie-rock to blues excursions and trippy, psychedelic prog. “Ball Power” remains an Australian hard rock landmark. Half a Cow also compiled the entire recorded output of his earliest band, the Purple Hearts, and this week issued a collection chronicling his boundary-pushing rock-jazz outfit, the Wild Cherries.

I was lucky enough to interview Lobby for the I-94 Bar in 2006 in the midst of Aztec’s re-issues program. He was medicated (I later found out) to block out the pain and struggling for breath, but his raw enthusiasm for music cut through. Fuck, we’ve lost some good ones lately.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

You thought your job was bad

I've heard of herding cats but tossing off elephants is something entirely different. Still, the bloke appears to enjoy his work.

Now that's a drink

I'm indebted to Dutch maniac Tony Slug of the Niwtiz et al for this insprired find on YouTube. It's a Russian bloke showing how to drink a bottle of vodka in 20 seconds. Don't try this at home:

Friday, April 20, 2007

I've bean thinking

Back in the Land of the Salaried and after a few days I realise the thing I did miss during an extended break from work was freshly-brewed coffee.

Of course these things have a flipside and the annoying thing about coffee shop takeaways is that when you order a long black espresso, they never fill it to the top. If I wanted to leave room to dilute this stuff with milk (and thus lower its potency) I’d have asked.

Podcast Number Five... live here. Leave a comment so I know you care. Ignore the stat counter too. The host seemes to be only counting the times the thing is streamed from their site to your desktop (you can also subscribe via various podcatchers, or download the MP3 to your desktop for your listening pleasure.)

This episode's Special Features: A Stooge of an intro and a special station I.D. from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Plus, you get an exclusive listen to the forthcoming Turbonegro single.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You don't have to be insane but it helps

Going back to wage slavedom tomorrow after an extended break. For some reason, it brought this to mind:

Monday, April 16, 2007

Drunk & Disorderly Episode 4: Liquor & Drugs

There's another one of these podcast thingies live right now. Grab it here and you can stream it from your desktop if you don't have one of those podcatcher things. If you listen to it, feel free to leave a comment. We don't bite (usually.)

Theft Most Foul in the Murder City

Word from the other side of the world is that the Powertrane support to the Stooges in the Motor City went down a storm. One disappointing note, however, when PT's special guest, Deniz Tek, parted ways with a near new Rickenbacker somewhere between Montana and Detroit Metro Airport. Deniz isn't holding his breath, suspecting foul luggage handler play. Thankfully, it's wasn't the Epi Crestwood.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

When too much Stooges isn't nearly enough

So I'm sitting here in sunny Sydney, cooling my heels, when I shoulda jumped a plane to the Motor City to see the Stooges, supported by Powertrane Featuring Scott Morgan with special guest Deniz Tek. Then this fine little promo movie pops into my mailbox. What's a poor boy to do but put it here on a blog for public consumption?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Drunk & Disorderly Episode 3: New I-94 Bar Podcast

It's righteous, it's free and what's more it's here.

This is the set list:

Motherfucking Motherfucker - Brian Henry Hooper (Lemon, Lime & Bitter - Bang! Records)
Suck Suck - X (X-Aspirations - MDS)
The Rock 'n' Soul Fever - Dollhouse (The Royal Rendezvous - Off the Hip)
I Love Fish But Fish Hate Me - Electric Eel Shock (Beat Me, Spooky Records)
Burn Out Timeline - The Me-Thinks (Make Mine a Double EP, Indian Casino)
This Time I Know - Sewergrooves (Rock 'n' Roll Receiver, Wild Kingdom Records)
Death Trip USA - Spencer P Jones & The Escape Committee (Fugitive Songs, Spooky Records)
Be My Caveman - The Boobytraps (The Boobytraps, Off the Hip)
I Met You There - Kitty & The Kowalskis (Chinese Democracy, Amp Records)
Gimme an Answer - The Star Spangles (Dirtybomb, Tic Records)
Bacon Martini - The Whiskey Daredevils (The Essential Whiskey Daredevils, Knockout Records)
Hail - The Vegas Kings (Dead Money, Merenoise Records)

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. Drop us a line if you're looking to buy any of the albums and we'll give you a steer.

X still marks the spot (2)

By the time you read this, those X tix for the Sydney gigs (scroll down) should be available over the bar at the Exceslior Hotel in Surry Hills. Run, don't walk. X-cellent.

Monday, April 09, 2007

And speaking of the Hydromatics... are a few more details about the new album, with Celibate Rifle Kent Steedman on board. It's out in August on European label Suburban and they'll tour the Continent in September. Tracks likely to make the cut:

Streets of Amsterdam
Baby Jane
All Down The Line
Power and Glory
Mystically Yours (unrecorded Sonic's Rendezvous Band song)
Kinked Up
The Most
Detroit Leanin'
Standin' at the Juke

There's a rough mono mix of "Standin' at the Juke" here.

Open Up & Bleed (2)

Further to that earlier blog item about Paul Trynka's new Ig-bio, the review at the I-94 Bar is here. (Run your mouse over the Australian cover image and you'll see the US artwork.) "Best-in-class" is the wrap. Y'all be sure and tell us if we're wrong, ya hear?

X (still) marks the spot

Whatever misgivings you might still have about a Rilen-less X treading the boards, consider putting them aside and having a gander at the re-formed band when they strut their stuff in Melbourne and Sydney. The occasion will be the re-launch of "At Home With You", shortly to be re-packaged (with bonus live disc) by Aztec Music.

May 3 at Ding Dong (Melbourne) and May 17 and 19 (the Excelsior Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney) are the dates. Most of what you need to know is on the poster above (click on i t to read it), except for the fact that Sydney punters can buy their tix from the Excelsior this week (probably from Wednesday.) Do not wait. The two nights will sell out fast.

The other thing you need to know if there's a distinct possibility that this line-up (Steve Lucas-Cathy Green-Kim Volkman) will be in a studio soon, recording a host of old previously unrecorded X gems.

Kim Salmon on the Science of Being a Beast

There's a great retrospective interview with Kim Salmon by the I-94 Bar's Patrick Emery at the online version of Mess and Noise magazine.

We passed on this one as I was already speaking to Kim regarding the Scientists shows and live album - and the tape clagged out so some of the best stuff went unreported. More's the pity we didn't just run Patrick's as it's one of the most complete career pieces Mr Salmon's done. He doesn't quite wade back into the void that is the relationship between him and his old band the Beasts of Bourbon, but you can read a lot into his comments. Catch it here.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A True Testimonial (MC5 movie) update

Is the world's best rockumentary any closer to release? I'm talking "A True Testimonial", the labour of love by two Chicago filmmakers to document the rise and fall of the MC5. Legal action by Wayne Kramer over an alleged soundtrack role pole-axed the movie on the eve of its official release but bootleg copies have been doing the rounds in ever-increasing numbers. Will we ever see it out legitimately? Your guess is as good as mine, and probably there's a degree of heavy spin in one interpretation doing the rounds, but here's some media coverage of the latest court action.

More Satan's music, for your Easter listening pleasure

Here's a seasonal music post: You can understand the backward masking nut jobs going for deviants like the New York Dolls as prime examples of moral corruption, whether their records are played forwards or in reverse. I stumbled across this site Fundamental Baptist Links which has a stack of songs from the Dolls but also Styx (!), The Cars and Blue Oyster Cult, all seemingly unlikely soldiers for Satan. Anyway, you can download samples of "Jetboy" and songs by Roy Orbison and Billy Idol, all helpfully played backwards and crunched to MP3 to find hidden messages. Most of them are about selling, being wanted by or getting off on Satan. (Personally if I was going to sell him, I'd go for the convenience of eBay.) God knows what they'd think of GG Allin. Knock yourself out here.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Iceman joins Powertrane for Stooges homecoming

Powertrane Featuring Scott Morgan will support the Stooges at their Detroit homecoming at Fox Theater on April 13. Also aboard for the ride, as Powertrane's special guest, will be Radio Birdman's Deniz Tek, currently doctoring in Montana. Word is that Powertrane's new studio album should finally see the light of day in time for the show.

If you didn't know, pictured above are Ron Asheton (Stooges), Powertrane's superbly talented lead guitarist Robert Gillespie, Dr Tek and Scott Morgan, just before the show at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor a few years ago that was released as "Ann Arbor Revival Meeting". Props to K. Shimamoto for the visual.

This is a gig for which I seriously considered flying to the US seeing I had a bit of time on my hands, but it clashed with a commitment for The Barmaid. Pity, 'cos it will be some show.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Things Go Better With Bert

Thanks are due to Graham in the UK for noricing this yarn, now doing the rounds of the international newswires:

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has admiited to snorting his father's ashes mixed with cocaine.

"The strangest thing I've tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father," Richards said. "He was cremated and I couldn't resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn't have cared. It went down pretty well, and I'm still alive."

However, Richards cautioned younger musicians trying to emulate his hard-living habits.

"I did it because that was the way I did it. Now people think it's a way of life," he said. "I've no pretensions about immortality. I'm the same as everyone, just kind of lucky.

No word whether it was before or after Keef fell out of a coconut tree and knocked himself senseless, but it sure shits all over Mrs Vicious spilling her son all over an airport terminal.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Teenage Head in San Fran

The Hoodoo Gurus are joined for the last date of their US tour on "Teenage Head" in San Francisco on July 31 by none other than ex-Flamin' Groovies member Cyril Jordan. No sign of Roy Loney but this is enjoyable all the same.

Pathway to Financial Oblivion (2)

Slight return: I-94 Bar Records WON'T be putting out the newie from Sonny Vincent. Due to some changed circumstances beyond our control, we've pulled out. That doesn't mean the label's stillborn. There are a few ideas in the air and stay tuned when they come off.