Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Two York Dolls album

Are you excited about the prospect of a fifth album by the band going by the name of the New York Dolls? Lot's of people aren't after the underwhelming "Cause I Sez So". It had its moments but they were buried under dross.

Live, the Two York Dolls are a formidable unit - due in no small part to the magnetic presence of David Johansen - so let's hope "Dancing Backward In High Heels" isn't another letdown. It must be said that the cliched title isn't doing it any pre-release favours.   

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MJG196 said...

I WILL say this. When DJ does his acoustic solo shows w/ Brian Koonin, those 'Cuz I Sez So songs sound fantastic. MUCH better acoustic than electric!