Monday, April 21, 2008

Drinking with Drunk & Disorderly

The latest I-94 Bar Podcast (number 13, if you're counting) is chockful of songs about drinking. Download/play/subscribe via the interface at right. Here's the playlist:

I Wanna Drink - The Deviants (This CD Is Condemned - Total Energy/Alive)

Drunk - Alcoholics Unanimous (20 Years of Tanked Up Tunes - Steel Cage Records)

Good Morning, Headache - Dark Carnival (The Last Great Ride - Sympathy For The Record Industry)

Two Days Off, Five Days On - Hell To Pay (Two Days Off … EP)

Super Fucked-Big Drunk - The Me-Thinks (The Make Mine A Double E.P. - Indian Casino)

Drinking Alone Under The Moon - Sour Jazz (Rock & Roll Ligger - Acetate Records)

This Bar - Hitmen D.T.K (Moronic Inferno - Zeus Records)

BBQ Liquor - The Pink Fits (Fuzzyard Gravebox - Off The Hip)

Booze To Blame - Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts Ian Rilen (Passion, Boots & Bruises - Phantom Records)

Drunk On a Train - The Painkillers (Drunk On a Train - Blazing Strumpet)

Broke, Drunk & Stoned - The Hangmen (Metallic I.O.U. - Acetate Records)

Pub - Cosmic Psychos (Go The Hack - Survival Records)

Drive Thru Bottlo - The Veebees (Crack Us Anotha! - Ocker Records)

Half Price Drinks - The Deviants (This CD Is Condemned Rock - Total Energy/Alive)

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