Thursday, August 21, 2008

World's Greatest Record Collection remains on sale

Talk about "Hi-Fidelity": The world's largest music collection - three million LPs and 300,000 CDs - remains available for purchase. Like many of us, owner Owner Paul Mawhinney got an edict from the Minister for War (aka Mrs Macwhinney.) He stayed, the story goes, but the collection went and moved to a massive, climate-controlled warehouse in Pittsburgh.

A record store operator, Mawhinney was a technical adviser on the movie "That Thing That You Do" and can't take a trick. An attempted sale on eBay in February fell over (the lodgement fee must have been a killer) and a 1997 offer for $US28m reportedly fell over when the company making the bid went bust.

You can view the collection here Thanks to Ben Castan for the tip.

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