Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mr Wegener goes to Blogtown

Consummate drummer and an articulate correspondent, Jeffrey Wegener (pictured, right, with Ed Kuepper) is blogging on the legacy of the Laughing Clowns on the band's myspace. He writes:

"So there you go groovers - the Laughing Clowns are not at this point in time going to be put to bed. I can't forget about the band even if I wanted to. Too many people remind me. The spirits are still there - beautiful and funny, sad but often glorious.

"So from time to time I am going to write some stuff here, and I would love some feedback - whether on the Clowns or other related threads - e.g. the live music scene, the role of indie music, the global place of Australian music, etc. Could be about what just a good bloke I am. Or whether the comb-over really is to become the ultimate retro-nouveau tour de force fashion statement based on quantitative science, or did those Bad Seeds guys just set me up? And do you like my new jacaranda coloured suit?"

Sounds like something to follow. There's an earlier Ed interview by Chris Hollow (of Melbourne band The Sand Pebbles) there too. Read it here.

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