Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everrett's observation might be un-True

Longtime UK music press writer Everett True has moved to Brisbane and is blogging in The Guardian. Apart from mistakenly placing the national yewf broadcaster Triple Jay in Melbourne (maybe the Brisbane humidity got to him) he makes a strange observation in his first effort that the local street press is universally uncritical of acts it features.

I'll cut him some slack as some do run what amounts to unpaid advertorials, seemingly dictated by advertising spend, but applying that "uncritical" brush right across the board is a bit rich, especially as you're only sampling the output of one city (Brisbane.) And coming from the faddish UK music press - and being a longtime champion of some godawful and derivative grunge bands - also isn't much of a vantage point.

At least he manages to kick Savage Garden on the way through.

You can read some colourful reaction to True's comments at the always entertaining Mess & Noise forum.

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