Sunday, August 03, 2008

Why Lloyd tuned out of Television

From Connect Savanah Online magazine comes a fascinating interview with ex-Television guitarist Richard Lloyd who left the band in May 2007 after 34 years (off-and-on) and on the verge of TV recording a new album. Here's Lloyd's quote on his relief at not having to work with Tom Verlaine anymore:

"... I’m free! I’m free from it and free from Tom. It hasn’t really been a band for many, many years.

"I feel like a group is something where you view the other people’s dreams and hopes as just as important as your own. But you know, Tom’s just not like that. I hate to put it in terms like that. You know, I really do love the guy. But working with him is like going to the dentist! He’s what’s called 'the crazy maker' for me, and after 34 years, I just can’t stand it anymore."

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