Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Much to Love about this on DVD

I used to think the enigmatic Love were an over-rated West Coast band from the Summer of Love, a footnote to the '60s Los Angeles scene with a few OK tunes. That was years ago and "Forever Changes" in particular is now a fixture on the I-94 Bar sound system.

Caputuring a band coming apart at the seams and propped up by session players, it's simply a mind-blowing opus whose cinematic scope puts the like of the Beatles et al to shame. What a pity Love were so averse to touring. The late Arthur Lee preferred moping in his mansion in the Hollywood Hills, gorging himself on drugs. They should have been worldbeaters.

It seems there's a comprehensive documentary on the band looming on DVD and the review at Pop Matters makes it seem well worth tracking down.

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