Monday, August 18, 2008

U2 snooze, U loose

I consider Bono a knob so it was funny to see this reported today online:

Four songs from U2's upcoming album were leaked on to the internet after frontman Bono played them too loudly on his stereo at his villa in the south of France.

A U2 fanatic from the Netherlands who was holidaying in the village of Eze, on the French riviera, heard the new tracks being blared from Bono's window and decided to record them using his mobile phone.

The fan boasted about his find on the forum of U2 fansite, and members there advised him to publish the clips on YouTube.

They’ve been taken down but MP3s are still being shared around, the report said. But who’s bothering to listen?

Look, it’s only U2 and the fans are an undiscriminating lot but, come on, MP3s of music recorded on a mobile phone from outside a beachside hotel window? Give me a fucking break, please!

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