Sunday, August 03, 2008

Stern to re-make Ramones classic

News from Variety magazine is that NY shock jock Howard Stern is planning a remake of the classic "Rock and Roll High School" movie. My question is: Why?

This is one of the best "worst" films ever made, a genuinely funny, uniquely awkward classic. Who can forget Dee Dee's well-honed speaking part ("!") and the fantastic live sequence by Our Heroes? A movie good enough to inspire the Exploding White Mice to name their band. And didn't Ron Howard's bro (Clint) go on to finer things?

No sense in fucking with something if it's not broke. Who would play the Ramones part? If you're lucky, you can pick up the DVD re-release of this gem for 10 bucks. I still haven't summoned up the courage to see the "Get Smart" re-make but I can't see how either can be an improvement on the original.

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