Wednesday, August 13, 2008

High-energy doesn't get any better than this

The new “Live Masonic Auditorium” CD from Sonic’s Rendezvous Band is one of those things that’s hard to write objectively about so I won’t try. It’s a 36-minute gig from 1978where the legendary lost Michigan quartet was supporting the Ramones on one of their expeditions out of the Lower East Side of Manhattan and into the American heartland. To say SRB pulled out their best that night is an understatement. There’s not a clunker on this disc so it’s required listening for anyone into lean, high-energy, no bullshit rock and roll.

Yes, it was previously issued as part of the SRB box set on Easy Action so if you have that you’ve heard it already. This standalone is a slight sonic upgrade with nice packaging and also comes in limited edition vinyl. A nice place to start your education if you don’t know SRB. Grab a copy here or here.

There are no excuses if you're in Australia. Shock are distributing this one so make sure you hassle your Ma and Pa Record Shop if you don't know how to buy online.

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