Friday, February 20, 2009

New look I-94 Bar

There's a bit of work underway. It's still in progress but you can see it here.

All suggestions for improvements gratefully accepted. And yeah, I know the navigation bar blinks in Firefox. That bug's being addressed.

The Podcast thingie has moved too. You can access it via the sidebar here or directly at the new host Libsyn. It sure beats the clunky place it was hosted before.


Anonymous said...

My suggestion would be to publish the whole thing as a blog, using post categories for the various sections. Much simpler for you, and simpler for the reader too who can then subscribe to whatever they want using RSS or a Feedburner email.

The Barman said...

Good call. I was going to migrate to WP but with 3000 files, it was a monster job.