Saturday, February 28, 2009

Iggy makes "quieter jazzy" album

Here's news from out of left field. "Preliminaries" is the name of the new album and Ig says it's a quieter record with jazz overtones, the result of him tiring of listening to "idiot thugs with guitars". It's on EMI, not Virgin, and there's a video message and sample song in the embedded clip above.

The sample track "King of the Dogs" is a raucous New Orleans/Jellyroll Morton rag, well-removed from the reflective stuff on "Avenue B". The album also seems to have Europe in its sights as Iggy's video statement on a French music website indicates. There are two more video blogs scheduled so more will be revealed but it's a fair bet any thoughts of a re-configured Stooges are on the back-burner, if it was ever a possibility.

The usual tip of the hat to Cathy Benson-Burke of for the mail. That's always the place for the latest and greatest on all things Pop and Stooge.

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The Stash Dauber said...

gee, that's kinda too bad,because "thugs with gtrs" are kinda what made mr. osterberg interesting to me. feh.