Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is vomiting the new black?

Katy Perry set some sort of mini-trend by throwing up backstage at the Brit Awards earlier this month - and then telling people about it via Twitter. A few days later this report surfaced of one of the Veronicas playing tongue hockey with a Vines member after he'd been talking (not texting) on the white porcelain telephone. Scandalous stuff, but of course Keef did it first and better, even if bulemia wasn't ever his issue.

Personally, I find the Veronicas' pale and plastic, trailer-trash-meets-electronica take on music and celebrity-ism nauseating enough, even without being told of chunky vomitus exchanges. Katy can kiss my arse - when she's done with girls.


The Stash Dauber said...

i saw keef toss his cups onstage with the new barbarians @ the tarrant county convention center, '79. 'twas awesome. he didn't even miss a lyric.

smauge said...

The Veronicas are a shit excuse of lasso g off "punk" muzik to Tweens but their kids clothes at Target are pretty damn cool!