Friday, May 15, 2009

Nick Cave tries to raise the dead

Nick Cave apparently wrote a sequel to the Gladiator movie in which Russell Crowe's character was brought back from the dead, it's claimed. His plotline reads a bit scifi-maximus to me but Hollywood has foisted stranger things onto the public. Anyone see Baz Lurhman's "Australia"?


Eastside Steve said...

Thankfully I haven't seen "our Nicole" in "Straya" yet Barman. Has "our Keith" penned a few tunes yet that can breathe life into a highly unlikely sequel for "our Baz"?

btw - How is big Nick going with the Matty Johns soundtrack? If he can bring Johns back from the dead then Russ should be a snack!

The Barman said...

I've avoided that Lurhman thing too. It sounds deader than Saint Nick's screenplay and riskier than Swine Flu.

I'm not ruling out the possibility of Reg Reagan returning in a variation on The Terminator in which he smokes a legion of reporters and lays waste to New Zealand.

Eastside Steve said...

Sounds good!

Haven't things changed since big Kerry passed away.

Imagine Channel Nine reporting any of this in his day - let alone Tracy Grimshaw putting herself in the frame for a Walkley!

What did happen to Swine 'flu and the GFC anyway......