Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John Varvatos is Born in Detroit

The fashion label guy who bought CBGBs and turned it into a retail store is doing a radio program for Sirius called "Born In Detroit." John Varvatos appears to have his heart in the right place even if the idea of his $100 T-shirts on sale in THAT place are the antithesis of punk rock and roll. He talks about his program here.


The Stash Dauber said...

he must be cool if he's wearing a scarf with a black t-shirt and a buckskin jacket.

Mark said...

"$100 t-shirts in THAT place"?

If only!

I was just in there at the weekend, showing a visiting Australian friend what's happened to the old neighbourhood, and "Mr Heart In The Right Place" is now taking old Ramones t-shirts, stitching his own Varvatos label into the neckline, and the price tags say $750. Fucking disgraceful. Outrageous and sad, but true.

...Mark out of Sour Jazz

The Barman said...

Scott Morgan (Powertrane) and Deniz Tek played an in-store there last year and were positive about the guy.

$750 t-shirts? I feel sick.

Mark said...

Ian Hunter and Daniel Rey both said the same thing after playing there for the shop's opening... then again, apart from their pay, they got free clobber!