Monday, May 25, 2009

Drunk & Disorderly Episode 22

Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl - The Faceful (The Dogs Tribute...Doggy Style/Future Now Records)

No Time For Rock N Roll - Left Arm (Disatisoul/Trouble In River City)

All Your Love - Mick Medew & The Rumours (All Your Love/I-94 Bar Records)

Cave Girl - The Texreys (Cave Girl/Ugh! Records)

Downtown Paranoia Blues - Soledad Brothers (The Hardest Walk/Alive Records)

Soul Power - Freddy Lynxx (Full Cover/Sucksex)

Oggie Boggie - The Ooga Boogas (Romance & Adventure/Arght!)

#6 Dance - Truckstop Lovechild (Drink Fight Fuck/Zodiac Killer Records)

Try Something - New Christs (Gloria/Impedance)

Abandon Ship - Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side (7" single/Spooky)

How Long Is Too Long - The Movements (The World, The Flesh And The Devil/Alleycat)

Dreamcatcher - The Lash Outs (Drink Fight Fuck/Zodiac Killer Records)

Love Cancer - Painkillers (Love Cancer/Truck)

More Drugs More Lies - Sonic Assassin (Downfall of Aces/Nicotine Records)

Bleed For You - Los Hories (What's The Time?/Off The Hip)

Do It Again - The Long Strides (The Long Strides/Off The Hip)

Killer Weed - Eddie Spaghetti (Drink Fight Fuck/Zodiac Killer Records)

Drunk & Disorderly - The I-94 Bar Podcast

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