Monday, July 23, 2007

R.I.P. William Hoyle

Tuesday, July 24 is the funeral for William Hoyle, 23-year-old son of Pip and Sally. You may know his Dad as the keyboardist for Radio Birdman. The short story is that William passed away with a brain tumour last Wednesday, just as Pip and bandmates were about to be inducted into the Australian Recording Artists Industry Association Hall of Fame.

As you may have read in a past Barman's Rant, Pip passed up the recent North American Birdman tour to be at home with William in Sydney. Pip tells my mate, Italian rock journalist Roberto Calabro, that William had the thrill in their recent time together of meeting a touring Alice Cooper when he played Sydney's Enmore Theatre. The moment's been recorded in Rob's blog but for those that can't read Italian, we've reproduced the photo here.
None of our words will, be adequate but feel free to leave some in the comments and they'll be passed on.

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Anonymous said...

Pip was amazing..He spoke beautifully, He didn't lose it,nor did Sally nor Alexander...I did...

They had screen monitors ,with family pictures, a slide show,

Wonderfulspeeches, a good minister. So many young people - perhaps 200?

Will was very well loved, an amazing young man who loved history and philosophy,

I was I could have known him more.

They had some truly beautiful music, choral, piano, violin, organ, a solo young lady singer,

What ever you may think of the church.

No one can do majestic like the church

Parents burying their child..... the hardest sorrow I can imagine.