Friday, July 13, 2007

And in honour of what's occuring in Brisbane tomorrow night

If you haven't heard, the (sort of) original Saints are reforming at the Pig City festival. Here's what those of us unable to make it are missing:

I say "original" because the version that started in Ed Kuepper's garage had drummer Ivor Haye on bass. But let's not be pedantic. The line-up will be sans bassist Kym Bradshaw who apparently is not on talking terms. But there will be a brass section and I bet they do "Know Your Product":

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Anonymous said...

I snuck in, 'cause i'm 16, and it sure was pig city - police everywhere. They sure did play Know Your Product and lots of songs that had brass, aswell as Nights in Venice, No Time, Messin' With the Kid + so many others. It was fucking great. Bailey played acoustic guitar aswell as Ed playing electric, and he said some hilarious shit to the crowd...