Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Roy Loney not far away

Here's some news that's a big deal in a few places. Spain, patches of the USA and yes, even Australia, are waiting for the new album by Roy Loney and the Longshots. It's called "Shake It Or Leave It" and it's shaping as something special.

Roy's the original singer from the early Flamin' Groovies (some would say the best singer in the best line-up) and he's been rolling out a succession of good, and mostly great, albums since he moved on in the early '70s. "Shake It Or Leave It" has been a long time in the pipeline, with producer Ron Sanchez beavering away for months on end on sporadic sessions. More than a little of the work has involved guest guitarist Deniz Tek. That's Ron (top) pictured with Deniz and Roy in the photo above. The Iceman's contribution on guitar on "Don't Like Nothing" is said to be especially noteworthy.

Read about the sessions here and ready your ears for the release in September. It'll be be on Career Records and it'll have distro around the world. We'll let you know when it's out at the I-94 Bar when it's out.

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