Monday, March 15, 2010

Yes, I do want a limited edition deluxe version of the Raw Power re-issue

At $A67 it seems like a reasonable deal. All those bonuses. But there's a sting in the tail and you don't get to know about it until your're 90 percent through the order process. Sixty bucks shipping to Australia? Don;t worry folks, there will be a "budget edition" and it's going to set you back considerably less on Amazon.


Karl said...

A mighty sting alright. I was all ready to hit the submit button before I noticed the GRAND TOTAL. At first I thought I must've put TWO copies in my basket by mistake. Nope, that'd be Sony pulling my pants down. What, is there going to be a f*ckin' brick included in the package? What a bunch of cnuts. And what pisses me off most is that I know I'll be bending over & copping it from Sony once I accept that's the only place I'll be able to get it before it ends up on ebay at four times the price once it's out of print.

Really, the 'budget' version is a bit underwhelming when placed alongside the deluxe one...

The Barman said...

Yes, I'll probably spring for this too eventually.

The "extras" (outtakes - although I can't believe they're worthy if they haven't been issued before - and the DVD) are tempting.

It's the principal of the thing. I don't need Global UPS overnight freight. And Sony seems totally disinterested inpromoting this release in Australia.

The global office asked them to service the I-94 Bar with an advance (no frills) copy but they can't seem to be bothered.

Anonymous said...

but get this....

I ordered 2 copies and was slugged 2 full shipping fees ($103!!). I complained & got this gobsmacking reply:

"I apologize that the total cost to purchase this product exceeds your expectations. Unfortunately these values have been set at a fixed rate. While we would love for you to decide to complete your purchase, we understand if that is not your decision."

WTF they can't discount multiple purchases??

I wanna be sedated

Robert Brokenmouth said...

Yeah, I ended up ordering the standard versh.

I rang Sony Australia, they weren't getting any dluxe in. Fair enough.

They tried to explain the weight of the pack - but since I work in a secondhand bookstore and we order books all the time from UK and USA etc, I know that anything over $30 ain't right.

In my opinion, Sony are taking the Stooges fans for a ride.

Interesting that they don't give too many details about that disc of out-takes, isn't it?

Fuckit. Buy Bomp's Rough Power instead.