Wednesday, March 03, 2010

No News is good news

For those of you not in Ostralia, the local media has been flooded this past week with horror reports from Whitney Houston's train-wreck local tour.

Tales of an unwell Whitney scarcely able to hit a high note and taking 15-minute "costume change" breaks have been contrasted with images of pissed-off fans walking out in protest after forking out 200 smackers a ticket.

As the tour became more of a disaster, the louder were the screams of defence from the promoter, who was desperately justifying why Houston should be given a "fair go".

Prompting similar thoughts about the way Baby Boomer icons on their last career legs are toured in out-of-the-way (i.e. Not The USA) countries in the hope of turning a buck comes the news that Huey Lewis and The News are non-starters for an Australian tour. Huey (why do I laugh when I type that name?) is citing the pressing need to finish a new album. Must be one important record.

On the other hand, near non-existent ticket sales would have nothing to do with this, would they? Or maybe the wails about Whitney are forcing a re-think about audience gullibility.

Huey fans, flame away.

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Australian Sites said...

Are we not all sick of has beens hitting the comeback trail?

They stopped selling records for a reason, they lost their touch or are no longer relevant.

I love a blast from the past as much as anyone, but I prefer to get mine via a quality CD rather than watch someone old enough to be the grandparent of half the audience attempting to show they still have it.

I think they have a hard time justifying the huge price of tickets when they just don't have "it" any more.