Friday, March 19, 2010

Kim Fowley and the Art of Girl Band Management

I have no idea if the new Runways bioipic is any good but you can't deny reviews like this, involving manager Kim Fowley, attract attention:

Fowley likes the marketing potential of Jett’s all-girl rock band and starts putting together the package. Soon, he becomes their preposterously self-important guru and sleaze-ball Svengali: “Not women’s lib, women’s libido,” he screams. Fowley puts them through his version of rock ’n’ roll boot camp, teaching them to scream “I want an orgasm” while tossing dog turds and bottles at them to prepare them for hostile audiences.

Yes. Sounds like compulsive viewing. The Barmaid's gonna love this one. More here. I'm off to spin Fowley's wonderful "Outrageous" album.


Fast Film said...

I've a comment or two on the movie, about 4 or 5 posts ago on
http://fastfilm1.blogspot with photos

The Barman said...

That'd be (adding the .com)

smauge said...

From what I've read on Fowley this sounds accurate