Monday, November 09, 2009

Stooges Go Nuts in Brazil

Here's the set list for the return of the Raw Power Stooges at the Terra Festival in Brazil:

Raw Power
Kill City
Search & Destroy
Gimme Danger
Fun House
Skull Ring
I Got A Right
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Five Foot One
The Passenger
Death Trip
Lust For Life

James Williamson was, of course, back on guitar and Steve Mackay remains in the line-up. From the lo-fi bit I'm hearing, "The Passenger" was a sax-enhanced re-working.

Thanks to Cathy Benson-Burke, first with the news, as usual.

STOP PRESS: Here's some YouTube taken from the broadcast. Sounds great and I can't wait to watch the whole thing but a second guitar would make James' job a lot easier:


RetroKimmer said...

Kill City is my favorite

Anonymous said...

Looks good but when are you going to be reviewing the new Easy Action collection?!

The Barman said...

Will after we get a copy be soon enough? :)

British Mail is apparently still feeling the after affects of a postal strike/meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! When you referred to it in an earlier post I assumed it was already in your hands...