Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Killer Kane doesn't write a thriller

I've been hanging off grabbing Arthur Kane's posthumously-published autobiography. Maybe this confirms I was right not to take the plunge. Musicians often make lousy writers (Nick Cave - are you there?) and I'm not sure there was time to get a ghost writer ion board, given that Killer passed away weeks after there-born Dolls became a big deal.


Marshall-Stacks said...

Here's an anti-Nick thing that got the writer 500 attacks in the comments:
James Valentine believes Nick Cave has become something he would despise Unleashed: One trick pony
and I got myself a fight at CRIKEY blog on the Bunny Munro cover.

Kinky Friedman's crime novels are OK in a Kinky way.

Sixbucks said...

Heh. I have this on my desk, overdue and half-read. Like Robyn Hitchcock said in NY Doll, "I never finished the book."

I don't dislike Nick Cave's writing, but I like both Graham Parker and Frank Portman better.