Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zep for Glastonbury? You probably care a lot more than me

Led Zeppelin (the real deal - as far as they can be with their drummer extinct) are rumoured to be reforming for Glastonbury 2010. Read the vague rumour here. People always ask what I think of Led Zep, and even if they don't I tell them that I like the idea of the band a lot more than their music.

God knows I've heard enough of the band. I used to flat with a huge Led Zep fan who played them incessantly. Which means A Lot.

I loved the Yardbirds in their various configurations and acknowledge the debt heavy metal, as a genre, owes Page and Co. Just think, no Iron Maiden without these guys. Sheesh.

But I can't stand listening to Robert Fucking Plant and his air raid siren voice. This is coming from a fan of excess - not INXS, stupid - in many of its shapes and forms. Plant's voice is like nails on a chalkboard and overblown to the point of me wanting to say: 'Shut the fuck up, you drama queen'. He's a ham and Led Zep would have been great without him. I wish a groupie had stuck a mudshark down his throat.

Don't get me started on Freddie Mercury or Jimmy Barnes.


Marshall-Stacks said...

that is all

(oh ... and great photo!)

The Barman said...

Kashmir would be a great instrumental.

Anonymous said...

who gives a flying f&!K what you think