Monday, October 19, 2009

New photo of secret 1970 UK Stooges gig

While our 2007 posting of previously unseen 1971 Stooges photos caused a stir, we've unearthed another gem - courtesy of UK label Easy Action and Stooges Fan Club president Natalie Schlossman. Natalie found this stunning evidence of the Stooges playing a secret 1970 show at Wakefield Workingman's Club in the UK - two years PRIOR to their infamous London gig immortalised by photographer Mick Rock on the cover of "Raw Power." We now await Easy Action's CD from a tape of that Wakefield gig.


The Hound said...

Don't know if you noticed Natalie's post on the Stooges Forum (
but the photo is not from the U.K at all, just a U.S. club that happened to have a Union Jack hanging behind the stage. The King's Cross as it turns out was the only UK gig the Stooges played until their re-union. Hope you don't mind I posted it over @ Houndblod (feel free to borrow any of my Stooges photos, I've got a rare one of the Zeke Zettner/Bill Cheetma line up in the archive).

The Barman said...

Yes, my post was a joke. Just don't tell anyone.