Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Iggy signs up to The Lamest Marketing Idea. Ever

Holy shit! This is the story:

The "edgy" marketing promotion for a New Zealand broadband provider seeks Kiwi "musicians" via Idol-style auditions at a bar. Their prize will be to go into a studio to re-record "The Passenger" (after a fashion) with Iggy Pop - who'll phone his vocal in via broadband.

First insurance, now broadband. He's entitled to earn a crust but is there no end to what the man will shuck? Remotely, of course, in this instance.

The promoters are putting up a bar tab of - wait for it - 500 bucks to fuel the audition process. That should go a long way - if the contest is held in a phone box.

And the brand positioning of a tightwad broadband ISP aligning with the World's Forgotten Boy is what exactly...? At least Ig won't be duetting with Jet this time out.

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