Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Celebrity Stoner John Sinclair

Where else would ex-MC5 manager and spiritual adviser John Sinclair be blogging than for something called Celebrity Stoner?

It looks like an online version of the old High Times mag. You'd be showing your age if you remembered that. Interestingly, the big fella's having his collected works published sometime this year.

Most people who've met John Sinclair tell stories about toking up with him. I was planning to catch him live while in Ann Arbor a few years back. He was in town for the annual Hemp Fest and was playing the Blind Pig.

I arrived in the Eight Ball Saloon (downstairs from the Pig) quite early and got caught up drinking with some people, who will remain nameless. Someone messed up the times and we missed the Sinclair show completely. By the time I got to meet him I doubt he could understand a word. It was down to my Australian accent and nothing to do with the 15 Pabst Blue Ribbons I'd thrown down.

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