Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four Screaming Tribesmen, one stage

Last Friday's Niagara & the Hitmen show at the Step Inn, Brisbane, brought together four ex-Screaming Tribesmen in Mick Medew, Chris Masuak, Murray Shepherd and Tony Robertson. Who knows what will happen from here? The song is "Ice" and Johnny Kannis always wanted to sing it live. Thanks Rossy for the camera work.


karamdog13 said...

It was one the best things I've seen in a long time. Would have been shattered if I'd missed out. ;^)

Rossy said...

It was something I never thought I'd never see again. It was a surreal moment. Mick rocks! Love ya mate!

chuck said...

well im freakin shattered cos i did miss out :((

however i have really enjoyed the vid and a 1001 thanks for the post :)

[chuck shouts the barman and rossy a nice scotch for the efforts]