Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finally, a small justice

Continuing our Stooges theme and the pilloring of the Rock and Roll Hall of Lame at every opportunity. Overnight it was announced that The World's Forgotten Boys have been announced as 2010 inductees. Finally! Along with ABBA and The Hollies!

It's the eighth time the Stooges had been nominated and the greatest tragedy is that they're going to cross the line without Ron Asheton on-board, at least in the physical sense.

I know the Hall of Lame is a joke, presided over by turds who don't know their arse from their elbow, but if the elevation/descent/enshrinement of a band as perfectly fucked up as the Stooges occurs then maybe, just maybe, people will sit up and take notice, and realise that they don't have to consume bland, soul-less music they're spoon-fed.

You got a better idea?

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Fast Film said...

Strangely enough, possibly we have Madge to thank for lifting the scales off the RNRHofF's eyes to induct the Stooges by featuring these fellow Detroiters with Herself. Hey, by any means necessary!