Tuesday, August 04, 2009

James Williamson returns to live music (2)

James Williamson is warming up for his pre-Stooges return to the stage with a local band on September 5 with an interview in the NBC Bay Area Online. It turns out country-fied backing band The Careless Hearts are putting aside their usual set list for a night of "Raw Power" covers.

Here's what James says about past and future Stooges set lists:

One of the things about The Stooges in the old days that was very stupid was that we very rarely played the same stuff very often. We would be playing new stuff as we went along because we thought we were being creative and also because we got bored very easily. So as entertainment we kind of failed because no one really knew the songs. This time around we are trying to draw on things the audience knows and that covers a lot of territory. A lot of "Raw Power" stuff and we'll hit on the first two Stooges albums, maybe a couple of Iggy's solo things.

More here and watch for the I-94 Bar's chat with James after the Stooges rehearsals are done.