Saturday, August 29, 2009

Breaking On Through One More Time

I know the post-Jim Doors machine has been a runaway train business entity, seemingly aimed at squeezing every last cent out of the Lizard King's adoring fans, but maybe this premium-priced box set might be worth close to the asking price of US$90.

The last days of the Doors have a dark attraction to them - sort of like the truck-running-downhill-with-no-brakes finality. "LA Woman" had a damaged, world-weary blues feel that dwarves much of the band's mid-period output.

This one pre-dates The End, documenting NYC gigs that would appear, in part, on the sprawling/bloated "Absolutely Live" set and recorded around the time of "Morrison Hotel", but you can hear where they're heading.

Read more about the box set here.

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Marshall-Stacks said...

Here's a first-hand account of a Morrison performance 1968 which reminds me that Sam spent a fair time on the stage floor at The Corner 16/8.
Am sorry to be missing the 11:30pm set at The Espy tonight.
Be there for both of us?