Friday, July 10, 2009

The Coop avoids going Under Their Wheels

The English press is always interesting when it collides with rock and roll. The British establishment can never work out whether to embrace rock and roll or claim its corpse has been found naked in a hotel room in bondage gear with a plastic bag over its head and an orange in its mouth. Pity their best music always gets swiped by the Americans.

Here's a sample of reportage from Alice Cooper's recent visit to the UK:

- A crazed English Alice Cooper fan was convicted of assault using a false leg after he bashed a fellow concert-goer who told him keep to his own seat. At least no-one used a (decapitated) bat as a weapon.

- Alice has been
reunited with a bag containing 300 horror flicks from his personal collection after it went missing at Heathrow Airport. Beats watching those diabolical in-flight movies.

- The British press (well, The Guardian) has exposed the Coop’s stageshow as a morality play and in true tangental style has told Alice that it’s time to give up. More
here. No surprise there. The Guardian doesn't approve of anything much.

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