Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Stoogesongs will rise

There will be more contemporary Stoogemusic released and from what Iggy told a French press conference, it will be more primal and raw. There are five unreleased tracks, two of which Ig has worked on.

Presumably there are songs demo'd for "The Weirdness" but never committed to tape in the recording sessions proper. This gels with other information that I've heard around the Bar and has nothing to do with the soon-to-surface early '70s live stuff slated for two labels.

The rest of Iggy's press conference (to plug his forthcoming jazz/jizz album "The Preliminaries") is here (thanks Cathy) in which he leaves himself open to doing a string of Vegas dates and gives the forthcoming biopic of his life the big thumbs down. You can watch a video news release about Pop's new album here.

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