Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Mother Hen

Simpson the cat is ailing, advanced in years. Ron Asheton breaks off from his stories of heroin, macrobiotic rice and aluminium afros to attend to him gently, pouring a saucer of milk and checking on his medication. This is the man who similarly ministered to his fellow Stooges, cooking for them in the house in which we sit, working in the Pigments Of The Imagination head-shop to subsidise their meagre earnings, removing lit cigarettes when they’d nodded out. These days – 1995 – he simply ministers to their legend.

More of Paul Trynka's eloquent tribute here on his blog.


Todd McGovern said...

Can't get to blog. Message says I don't have access.

The Barman said...

You and me both, Todd. It will probably come up again.