Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tributes and Tribute Nights

Back from holidays after the depression news of Ron Asheton's passing.

On the I-94 Bar front, you can read Mark Sisto's moving tribute here and you can also leave a comment.

Here's the details of the first of a few tribute shows:
Niagara and The Colonel invite friends to pay tribute to the late Stooges guitarist, Ron Asheton as they host, “Ronnie…Thanks A Million”, Saturday, January 17th at 9PM at the historic Music Hall Center For The Performing Arts in downtown Detroit.

There is free admission but attendees are encouraged to donate what they can to help cover the night’s expenses and Ron’s favorite charity, The Michigan Humane Society.

Niagara, Asheton’s former Destroy All Monsters and Dark Carnival band mate and muse will host along with Colonel Galaxy a celebration of Ronnie’s life and a chance to express their love along with all of his friends and fans with a tribute for a guy Rolling Stone called: "One of the greatest guitarists of all time”.

Tributes from those who knew him- and some who didn’t, but were influenced by him will speak from the stage where such legends as WC Fields, Miles Davis and Billy Holiday performed, Ron’s music will be played and a tribute film retrospect by Tim Caldwell will be shown. Music Hall is Detroit’s oldest performing arts venue (1928) and is a beautifully restored facility, appropriate for this memorable night.

There will be a cash bar in the Hall as well as in Jazz Café for attendees.

Plus, a special Jazz Café  show -

A Dark Carnival alumni performance led by Bootsey X  & The Lovemasters and some VERY special friends will play in honor their late band mate and friend, in the Jazz Café following the main stage tributes at 11 PM. 

Ron Asheton was more than an innovative guitarist, he was an easygoing, subtly hilarious guy- who, simply and effectively created a sound and aesthetic, which will forever reverberate as long as there are guitar players. Ron maximized his early work into postmodern art of the highest order. In retrospect, Ron’s influence cannot be overstated, only imitated.

Ronnie used to like to say, “thanks a million” in mock gratitude when joking with friends. Now here’s our last chance to say, “Ronnie… Thanks A Million.”

More info for this tribute may be found on 

Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts
350 Madison  Detroit, MI  48226
313 887-8500

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