Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stooges miss out on R & R Hall of Lame (again)

This was just reported by here The Ultimate Nullifier (aka Box Taylor from Powertrane, Mazinga et al.) Excuse the endless Stooges posts over the last 10 days but this is beyond belief.

Stupid, myopic dipshit judges. The timing is nothing to do with Ron Asheton's passing (the votes would have been compiled weeks ago) but that just proves what numb-nutted, clueless cockscratchers they are.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah WTF?!...I guess Johnny Rotten was right, no one gives a crap what RRHF thinks...only good thing they ever did was to have the Ramones since no one ever gave them recognition...

I saw the Stooges in Belgium a few years ago...outdoor festival..I was upfront crushed against the metal fence...that was rock'n'roll...a killer show, and I'll never forget I was there. I don't need any institution to tell me what great r'n'r is.