Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dr Tek in Sugar Hill supergroup

Sugar Hill Studios is an historic place in Houston, Texas, where you can apparently feel the presence of people who've worked there. Like Roky, the Stones, Roy Head and Janis Joplin. Ex-Radio Birdman soundie Andy "Mort" Bradley runs the show and recorded Hitmen DTK (circa "Moronic Inferno") and Deniz Tek there.

Dr Tek was back there this week to mix a live Birdman album from their final US tour (are you taking note!) and also to work with a combo of past clients to lay down "San Francisco Girls", a song recorded by Texan psych band Fever Tree in 1968 for a forthcoming tribute to the studio. Here's some footage for The SugarHill Gang.

Players included Deniz's ex-US Navy mate (and DTG 1992 Australian tour bassist) Dust Petersen and Fever Tree member Rob Landis.


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Bukko_in_Australia said...

So how were they on the U.S. tour? I was less-than-impressed with how they were at the "Battle of the Bands" in Melbourne, although they ripped it up at this bogan club halfway down the Mornington Peninsula for the Zeno Beach tour. I thought I had suffered permanent hearing loss from that. But it looked like their energies were flagging by the later show.