Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Agile, Mobile & Hostile" in Sydney

Not sure if I'll make it but it looks like the bomb:

Australian premiere of the festival favourite + a live Q&A with Andre himself from Chicago!

Mon 10 Nov, 2008
Greater Union Bondi
Price: $15 / $12 conc.
Rating: MA 15+

"Andre Williams makes Little Richard sound like Pat Boone." Lux Interior, The Cramps

Andre Williams has written and recorded a number of landmark hit songs and has worked with legends of the industry: Berry Gordy, Ike Turner and Stevie Wonder to name just a few. Andre has also struggled throughout his life with addiction, poverty, homelessness and the legal system.

Andre says, 'I'm going to show you the right way, because I've gone so many wrong ways.' With this statement the man known as "Mr. Rhythm" and "The Black Godfather" takes us along a fascinating, funny and distressing journey. Andre doesn't always go "'the right way' and this leads to tenuous relationships with friends, family and business partners, time in jail, eviction from his "old folks home" and subsequent struggle to pay for his room at the 'Hotel 6' where he lives between tours.

From March of 2006 until July of 2007, directors Tricia Todd and Eric Matthies followed the charismatic underground recording artist Andre Williams through his day-to-day existence. For Andre, this could mean rehearsing for a show in Chicago, recording with Jon Spencer in Michigan, performing for enthusiastic fans in Croatia, doing a radio interview in Serbia or marching in a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.

Throughout his 72 years, Andre has never stopped driving his creative visions forward, regardless of cost or consequence. The consequences turn out to be severe as Andre's addictive history catches up with him. Ultimately doing the right thing could be the choice between life and death for a musician who is perpetually on the cusp of newfound success.

Agile, Mobile, Hostile is a feature length documentary as told by Andre Williams with input from Jon Spencer, John Sinclair, Don Waller, Johnnie Bassett, Margaret Doll Rod and others.

Popcorn Taxi is proud to present the very first screening in Australia of "Agile Mobile Hostile" followed by a live Q&A with the man himself, Andre Williams, live down-the-line from Chicago hosted by The Naked City's, Jay Katz.

Believe us - this year with Andre will definitely leave you feeling Agile, Mobile and Hostile!

Buy tickets here and watch the promo trailer:

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