Friday, September 19, 2008

Two albums from 1977-78 will be the best thing you'll hear in 2008

Just posted a review at the Bar of the new Sonic's Rendezvous Band 1977 live double CD "The Second Chance". In part it says:

If you lived outside of earshot of the molten aural glow of their amps in the late-'70s, or simply hadn't stumbled across a copy of their double A-sided, monstrously great mindfuck of a single, "City Slang", (until the bootleggers got into the act and actually did us a favour), chances are you'd read more about than you'd heard of this well-credentialled quartet. Which just added to the mystery, even if the sound of illegal documents like the "Strikes Like Lightning" LP sucked a large furball.

It's on Easy Action and it's a vital, fiery 2CD set, a leftover from the box set. It follows on the heels of "Live, Masonic Temple", another live show from 1978 issued by Robert Matheu on his Rock-a-Rama label. Both of these - and almost anything else issued under the band's name, save a couple of shoddy bootlegs - is essential listening. Read full reviews here, follow the links therein to buy. You won't regret it.

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The Stash Dauber said...

great? yes!

better than boris? i think not.