Thursday, July 17, 2008

Would you get pissed to get through lunch with Rod Stewart? Ronnie would.

By now everyone's heard about Ronnie Wood and his liking for a White Russian. Just two weeks ago he was apparently at lunch in London with ex-Faces singer Rod Stewart (which would drive anyone to drink) discussing a reunion of their old band. Keyboardist Ian McLagan has confirmed the Faces would do a reunion tour in 2008 but presumably that was before he knew his guitarist had fallen off the deep end.

You gotta wonder what the cocktail waitress two generations younger than him he ran away with to Ireland saw in ol' Ronnie. Reportedly consuming three bottles of Vodka a day, the only thing he could have given her would have been a stiff drink.If she was after cash she'd be disappointed. There's no way a bloke drinking that much piss could remember his PIN.

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