Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Pain, the pain: Dr Smith stalks Blondie drummer

Global news today that drummers are as fit as footballers will come as no shock to anyone that’s picked up a set of sticks for any band other than a laidback cocktail jazz outfit. University of Gloucestershire researchers hooked up some wires attached to machines that went “bing” to Blondie skinsman Clem Burke to measure oxygen consumption, calories burned, energy expended and heart rate. The grandly-name Clem Burke Project involved the drummer being followed around the gig circuit by someone named Dr Smith. Any Lost in Space fan knows Dr Smith was an accident waiting to happen so no wonder that would have an effect on heartbeat, as well as increasing general feelings of paranoia.

Fine drummer that he may still be, Clem Burke was briefly Elvis Ramone in a post-Marky version of the band of the same surname, and bootleg tapes of one of the few gigs he played showed he didn't fit in with Beating on The Brat. That would have been a job where fitness was a pre-requisite.

He is a rather better fit for ex-Flamin' Groovies frontman Chris Wilson and his band The Magic Christian who are poised to release a new album. Dave "Dogmeat" Laing's review of them at SXSW 2008 is here.

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