Thursday, May 22, 2008

Waiting for the Sun

The Internerd throws up the strangest people. Some of them are seriously mentally unwell, I'm sure. But to more important questions: Did Jim Morrison have a son? And does he front a band called Lizard Sun King?

If you haven't heard it before, the story begins with a bloke named Cliff Morrison/Marston. You can see him and his band Lizard Sun King below:

There's a startling physical resemblance between Cliff and The Lizard King in his declining years, sure, and his pitch and tone are similar. But why doesn't the guy go and get a DNA test and grab a chunk of the (ever-expanding) Morrison estate? Or get himself a decent lawyer and stay out of jail if this posting from the John Densmore forum is true.

Here's the San Diego TV news story that announced this whole thing in 1993:

That was 16 years ago and Cliff looks like he's broken through to the other side a few times since then. A confirmed Doors progeny, guitarist Waylon Kreiger, has played with him or has been overdubbed onto one of his recordings, depending on what story you believe.

Cliff sure gets around. According to this, he was married to a member of Marlon Brando's family. He's one of the star attractions at a Las Vegas (where else?) festival to apparently raise funds for research into diabetes here.

If someone tells me that Cliff's CD being flogged on some website called is irrefutable evidence that the guy sprang from the loins of Jimbo four decades ago, excuse me for guffawing. If that is a legit Doors Pty Ltd website you just know they'd sell the coke-denuded nasal cartilage of the late Danny Sugerman to make a buck.

I doubt the authenticity of this exchange of letters ("legal council"?) in The Lizard King Lounge and what looks like a badly Photoshopped picture of Cliff's band being given star billing at L.A.'s Whisky-a-Go-Go.

Anyway, back to the mentally unwell and there are minutes of entertainment in this gem of a thread from some message board with Jim's daughter solemnly weighing in and the not unexpected contemporary sightings of Mr Mojo Rising keeping things real.

Will the real Morrison offspring please stand up? Given Jim's inability to keep his own lizard in his leather pants, I have a feeling there are plenty of them out there.


Anonymous said...

Yes,Barman he did a DNA test back
in 1992! Ask "Uncle Al" he even
knows Cliff is Jims son! Come to our Concert @ the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro,CA. Ticket "Charity Event" for the
YWCA. Then you can decide for your
self! Its the music and that what
is all about! June 27th 2008!
Time Warner Cable will be there for
the "Documentry" on Cliff Morrison!

starlight76 said...

This is probably one of the lowest BS postings I have seen. Nice. =)

Visit this link to the MySpace Music page for Cliff and the band. Got music, video, & recent photos up.


The Barman said...

Low posting? I am the Lizard King. I can do anything.

starlight76 said...

lol. you do know that was a compliment??!