Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Diner chain gets down with rock 'n' roll

Anyone from anywhere outside the USA who's spent any time in the States will be familiar with the Denny's chain of 24-hour diners. They also might cringe at the quality, if not quantity, of what's served up there.

It seems Denny's is not seen as a hip and happening place anymore.

USA Today reports: "From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., alternative rock will replace the middle-of-the-road music now piped in. Instead of black pants and collared shirts, wait staff will wear jeans and T-shirts during these hours.

"The chain also is launching two late-night-only menus. One is a value menu with items such as nacho cheese fries for $3.99. The other is a "shareable" menu, with seasoned kettle chips, mini-burgers and $7 Sweet Ride Nachos — tortilla chips in cinnamon sugar, fruit, hot fudge and whipped cream. It's even hired alternative-rock bands to help create late-night items".

Tortilla chips in cinnamon sugar, hot fudge and whipped cream, FFS?

Exactly what 'alternative-rock band' with severe munchies created that one?

Ever since the Dictators hooked into White Castle burgers, Mama Cass made an art form of ham sandwiches and Elvis fried up his first peanut butter sandwiches, clogged arteries have been so rock and roll.

Makes the Australian road band meal of choice ("It's a long way to the shop/If you want a Chiko roll") seem positively healthy by comparison:

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The Stash Dauber said...

my favorite meal at denny's used to be "moons over my hammy."

i haven't eaten at one since we went to one a coupla yrs ago and there was a drunk passed out in the smoking section, so we went next door to the late night fort worth standby., the old south pancake house

it hadn't occurred to me in the moment that sleeping drunks are generally less annoying than ambulatory ones.